Cub change of Day

Dear Parents and Cubs

As you know this is our last week before half term and a before we get a week off for a short holiday.

When returning after half term Cubs will be moving its day to Friday.

We will be running a little later too starting at 6.45pm until 8.00pm.

Unfortunately as GSL I appreciate this may cause an inconvenience however the change is best to firstly avoid clashes with School/Club events on Tuesdays and to help retain our current Leadership Team who run the section and are otherwise committed on Tuesday night from October onwards.

The delayed start is to align ourselves more with the other Cub packs in the District.

I will be at Cubs at pick up time tonight if you would like to discuss further or we will  see you  back to Cubs on  Friday 2nd November at 6.45pm.

Many thanks


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