AONB Grant

During 2018/2019 The Reading room is undergoing a renovation with the kind support of both ANOB and Tesco Bags of help.

The Grants give have provided us to improve the Heating system, Address a Damp issue and fit secondary glassing to allow us to reduce heat loss while maintaining the Character  of the Building.We are redecorating and reapplying the traditional Lincolnshire limewash  to the exterior. We have kindly received a new Traditional new slate sign linking the Reading room to its Foresters lodge past, donated by two members of our community. And we are now working on replacing the carpets to make the room even more pleasant for our community users.

Cub change of Day

Dear Parents and Cubs

As you know this is our last week before half term and a before we get a week off for a short holiday.

When returning after half term Cubs will be moving its day to Friday.

We will be running a little later too starting at 6.45pm until 8.00pm.

Unfortunately as GSL I appreciate this may cause an inconvenience however the change is best to firstly avoid clashes with School/Club events on Tuesdays and to help retain our current Leadership Team who run the section and are otherwise committed on Tuesday night from October onwards.

The delayed start is to align ourselves more with the other Cub packs in the District.

I will be at Cubs at pick up time tonight if you would like to discuss further or we will  see you  back to Cubs on  Friday 2nd November at 6.45pm.

Many thanks


Wolds Railway 1940’s day

Thank you to Louth District and the Wolds Railway for a Great day with the Steam Trains on their very special 1940’s weekend.

Here are some of our evacuees boarding the train ready for their adventure…


      Our Scouts paid a visit to Cleethorpes beach for a sandcastle competition ,with a difference we used garden spades and trowels and buckets. Competition was fierce and was won with a great effort from Sentinel Patrol. Of course no trip to the seaside is complete without a bag of chips before the ride home !